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Come with us on this epic journey and discover a world of intense flavours, extraordinary people and traditions that have been handed down for thousands of years.


Our salt is sourced directly from artisan salt makers, ensuring that Mayan farmers get the best possible deal. You can feel good about consuming every bottle you receive. We know our liquid salt will make your food and drinks taste better whether you are a mixologist, professional chef or a home cook.


Our salt making is a unique and innovative process, completed by hand without the use of big machinery and chemicals. 


We work to enhance the natural properties of the salt, using the power of the earth and hand-made tools to produce an extraordinarily pure product.

Xcambó® liquid salt


Xcambó® Salt is the first seasoning that integrates the minerals from one of the world’s largest asteroid impact structures: the Chicxulub Crater


Since 2,500 years, Mayan salt craftsmen noticed and took advantage of these unique circumstances at the Yucatan Peninsula.



We believe in pure, sustainable food and living. Our salt is completely organic and naturally derived.  


We are farming cooperative, and we believe that treating the Mayan communities and environment with care, will allow our families and yours to live off the land for many years to come.

We work to create the world in which we believe!

mayan salt works


A Mayan treasure written in rock and salt


More than 2500 years ago, Xcambó was an important Mayan saltworks and commercial center which developed in the pre-classic period as a permanent base for the families who were dedicated to harvesting salt and fishing. This site stands out as the home to one of the oldest registered Maya population groups.


Xcambó is recognized as the main source of salt in Mesoamérica, eventually dominating various ports in the region. Its name means “heavenly crocodile” or “place where trading is done”.


The Chicxulub Crater


The Xcambó salt mines are an amazing sight. They are situated on the north coast of the Yucatán peninsula, between the Chicxulub Crater and the Flamingo Route. Its geology is the result of the gigantic impact of an asteroid which caused a huge cataclysm on Earth 66 million years ago, creating the “Ring of Cenotes” and natural pools set in limestone rock open to the sky.


This unusual ecosystem allowed the Maya to harvest the salt when the rain water contained in the vast system of pools evaporated naturally. The lagoons are flooded and the salt crystalizes in large lumps, even forming small pyramids. It was customary to collect the salt four or five months after the rains.


Ancestral Mayan Salt


Salt is the oldest additive used in the preparation of food. It played an important role in the daily life of the Mayas, as besides being an essential ingredient in daily food, it was used to preserve fish, curing animal skins, medicinal uses, and in rituals.


Xcambó controlled the salt production in the extensive areas known as salt mines of Xtampú. The salt was commercialized together with other important materials (shells, snails, cotton), aquatic birds and animals of the region, as well as objects made out of shell, bone, stone, and more. The Mayas traded these items for things like obsidian, jade, pyrite, and basalt, with various diverse and far-away settlements.


There exists archaeological and ethnohistorical data in the Archivo General de Indias (Spain´s general file on the Indians), such as the document “Salinas de Yucatán” (1605, salt mines), which describes the salt production of the day. With the passing of time, the salt mines are still producing. Today the rain water is retained, it evaporates, and when the salt of Xtampú is crystallized, the local people come to collect and distribute it in their community.


Today, we deliver this Mayan wisdom to your table...

Sal Xcambo


Xcambó® Salt is the ideal solution for those who wish to add salt to their food but worried about having too much sodium. If you are keen to reduce the sodium in your diet, our liquid salt provides part of the solution


However you use salt, now you can spice up your meals with a healthier mineral balance and enhance the natural taste of your food! Xcambó® Salt is handcrafted, with all natural ingredients, offering a great salty flavor while containing 90% less sodium. Our liquid salt is accompanied by minerals and trace elements in an optimal ratio, which facilitates their assimilation in your body. 


Unlike other salts, now its possible to spice your meals with a light stroke; the recommended serving is 3-6 sprays for optimal seasoning,


  • Finishing salt for culinary use and exquisite taste.

  • Natural balance and vital mineral blend.

  • Enhances natural flavor and texture.

  • No anti-caking or bleaching agents.

  • Reduced sodium salt alternative: 90% less sodium than regular salt!

    • Regular Salt = 590-780 mg sodium per 1/4 tsp.

    • Liquid Salt =23 mg sodium per spray.


Our salt is accompanied by potassium, magnesium, other minerals and trace elements in an optimal ratio, which facilitates their assimilation in your body. Now you can spice up your meals with a healthier mineral balance and enhance the natural taste of food!


  • Shaped by nature (pyramid crystals): premium sea salt from 66 million years.

  • Honoring ancient traditional methods.: hand harvested and sun dried.

  • Handcraft sourced from Mayan saltworks since 2,500 years ago.

  • 100% Natural, unrefined sea salt and no additives.

  • Rich in trace minerals: more nutrients than table salt.

  • Natural alkaline balance.

first liquid salt


our GOURMET salt


Welcome to the wonderful world of artisanal salt! As the leader of the mexican gourmet liquid salt, Xcambo® believes in the difference that the right salt can make. With our wide selection of salts, you will find a perfect salt pairing for any occasion.


And unlike any other salt company, all of our salts go through several proprietary processes to guarantee they are the very best quality available, while maintaining the inherent trace minerals for which they are so prized.


Until recently sea salt was considered a basic commodity—sea salt was just salt! Now however, gourmet chefs, in homes and in restaurants, have learned to appreciate and distinguish between the distinctive qualities of the many varieties of gourmet salts and the myriad of ways they can enhance the flavors and finish of foods.

Never before has there been such a wide variety of flavors, colors and textures available!


Xcambó® Salt introduces you to the new wave of salt, combining tradition with avant-gardism to create entirely new culinary experiences. Chefs and Foodies from around the world perceive the difference. In comparative tastings, exceptional flavor and texture are immediately noticeable. 


A world of possibilities and experiences to combine and contrast your dishes. Where your culinary imagination allows you to arrive to give vitality to your dishes. Our Gourmet Collection presents a selection of 12 new experiences that merge seamlessly into a range of palate options:

  1. NATURAL: sprinkle over pasta, chicken or steak, grilled vegetables or lightly salt your butter for phenomenal flavor.

  2. GARLIC: the sharp bite that raw garlic has and deepens the flavor into a rich, savory that fits in a impressive range of dishes.

  3. HABANERO: this salt can work magic all over the kitchen and backyard BBQ. Perfect in guacamole, seafood, cheesy dishes,.

  4. CITRUS: a natural match with seafood, chicken and herb-filled dishes, any plate that might enjoy a slice of lemon garnish.

  5. TEQUILA: the mild and smoky heat of tequila is a great way to season roasted meats, seafood marinades, ceviches, margaritas.

  6. MEZCAL: perfect for those  that like their spice on the milder side, a woodsy and deep aroma. Add to BBQ, red meats, seafood.

  7. TURMERIC: take a stroll through an exotic spice market and tropical fruitages. A natural star in a spice rub, curry sauces, salads.

  8. BLACK: add style and flavour to your meals. A delicious garnish for seafood, roasted vegetables or even white chocolate creations.

  9. HIBISCUS: a gently floral finish makes this salt a flawless addition to any recipe. For spice rub for any kind of meat, salads, desserts.

  10. VANILLA: carries a warm, creamy vanilla bouquet. Try it on snack mixes, spice rubs for pork and duck, salads , desserts, pies, tarts.

  11. KAKAW: cocoa, coffee and cardamom fusion, the perfect addition for red meat, chateaubriand, holiday prime rib, burgers, desserts.

  12. ROSEMARY: garden-fresh flavor that is a natural counterpart for  French, Italian and Mediterranean recipes.


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